Music’s role in youths

In our generation, music influences a great number of people and it’s influence knows no bound. From soothing elder’s lives to ecstatic manipulation of youths, music is undeniably a drug that affects our everyday life, be it good or bad. Every teenager has gone through depression, anxiety etc atleast once in their lives and when physical therapy doesn’t work, music is used as a means of interpreting their condition.

Great music moguls and composers have always attempted to find a relation between music and life and have done so perfectly. Youth is known as the “stress and strain period”and music can be used to soothe a teenager’s rage. When words aren’t capable of explaining a person’s, music steps in. When we are happy, we know the beat of a song and when we are sad, we understand the lyrics of a song. Music of our generation have to be able to interpret a teenager’s life and help in building his/her life journey rather than just blabbing about in rhymes. Of course, this is just my opinion and the opinion of music makers, singers and producers are more important but they have to keep in mind the amount of lives their music is influencing

Friends bid farewell

“Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because now when i look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories did”- A. P. J Abdul Kalam. As another academic session ends, friends bid farewell to each other as they part ways to pursue their dreams. The thought of never seeing each other again rests on the back of their minds as they laugh together, one last time. The mischiefs become only memories and back-bench fun only exists in their head. Youths are, more or less, stubborn in one way but they still possess the delicacy of an infant, their hearts are soft in ways emotional to them. The sight of friends leaving each other hurts the intimacy of even the teachers. Teachers and students bid farewell to each other and to some tears of joy falls down their cheeks.. Teachers may scold them during classes for misbehaviours but as it all comes to an end, all is forgiven and all is “missed”. But these youths have to realize that the end of their high schools or higher secondary is only the beginning of their journey in life and they themselves have the power to make life better for them as well as for the community, if they choose to do so.